Mortgage Services

    • Home Purchases

    With all the new government regulations, buying a property can be frustrating and overwhelming, let me guide you through this process, helping you make sense of your options to ensure a positive and rewarding experience. 

    I do your comparison shopping for you, with access to over 40 different lenders, I am sure to find the right solution at the best rate.  

    My services are free, I am paid by the lender.

    • First time Homebuyer

    I love working with first-time homebuyers, it is very rewarding and an honor to be part of your home ownership journey. 

    I work closely with you to ensure you understand and are comfortable with the process and your options, giving you the confidence to buy your first home 

    My services are free, I am paid by the lender 

    Check out my first-time homeowner guide

    • Self-Employed Clients

    If you are self-employed, don’t worry. I have access to lenders who offer mortgage products specifically for you, helping to verify your real income level.

    • Purchase plus improvements

    Maybe you are thinking about buying a property that needs a little bit of love, a purchase plus improvement mortgage can provide you with an immediate renovation budget that is rolled into your mortgage. To learn more, contact me today.

    • Renewals

    Is your mortgage up for renewal, you have options, don’t just sign, without getting informed.

    Take advantage of your renewal; you can switch with no fees, no penalties for better rates and terms.  

    Best time to start the process is 120 days from your renewal date.

    Let me provide you with your options, at no cost.

    • Refinancing

    Do you want to access your home equity for investment purposes or to consolidate debt, I can help.

    By rolling your debt into your mortgage you will save on interest and gain cash flow.

    Maybe you want to access capital for a business venture, take advantage of an investment opportunity or buy a vacation home, whatever it may be, I can show you what refinancing looks like at no cost to you. 

    • Everything Else

    Obviously, not every home financial transaction fits nicely into the above categories, there are lots of other services I can provide. If you find yourself in need of other services or just simply have a couple of questions, I am always happy to have a conversation, contact me today.